Obaland award academy,honoured Mlex Songz


The architect behind most classic reggae songs in Italy and Nigeria, consecutively performed by new reggae acts, unveiled. The young reggae song writer, Alex Obeheremen Usiabulu, popularly known as Mlex Songz, was born in Edo state in Nigeria.

Obaland academy committee , was amazed after an in depth listening to the hit songs writer’s single entitled “Love Rain”, during the  last February hearing of the  Obaland  academy, the committee’s decision  favoured over 45 artists and  20 Nigerian bloggers, under the national category of “Obaland Music Award” (O.M.A). On the list, Mlex Songz was  positively considered for his hard work in the entertainment industry.

Obaland academy’s conclusion  was made with the presence of  22 traditional rulers and two music  professionals. Finally  Mlex Songz  was honoured  to receive   Obaland Music Award  for Best Nigeria reggae song writer 2018.

(Mlex Songz -Performance at the national inter school Music competition lagos state grand finally and Award Giving day 2012.)  M-lex- Won

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