First Ivorian singer Tiken Jah Fakoly,To receive Obaland Royal Awards.


Reggae music is mostly adored by rastas and most times accompanied  with Rasta philosophy, like in Jamaica and Africa,  the reggae genre had been massively  performed by practising Rasta people, humanitarians or human rights activists, also one of highly respected  music genre worldwide. In late 90’s till date, only high profile calibre personalities still consume the rhythms. Tiken Jah fakoly is one of African’s greatest reggae musician, popularly known for using his songs to fight social ills worldwide. Tiken  also sings in various dialects, but he’s prevalent in French language.

In  February 23rd  2018,  his song “Le Pays Va Mal” released in 2000’s with a merit of over 1,680,309 views on YouTube was translated by Obaland academy in house translators,  from the original French lyrics into Benin language and English language, to  enable the Obaland academy juries understand his lyrics. The piece of  was all about social campaign against the bad governance of his motherland   Côte d’Ivoire also known as  Ivory Coast

His responsibilities  and concerns for a better Africa as a patriotic citizen is notable in most of his songs,one of the reasons he gained  stardom in the entertainment industry.  His rewards to early hard work in writing good songs had yield him a first of its kind recognition, awarded to Tiken Jah Fakoly, by Obaland academy’s committee in Benin-city, (Edo State ) Nigeria. It was officially pronounced  by  the Benin traditional rulers who agreed with the Ivorian singer’s songs, to be concluded by honouring the Ivorian  reggae star with a prestigious monarch honour, under the international category of  “Obaland Royal Awards” for  Best Africa music of the Year 2018 (Honor)


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