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Europe, USA & ASIA, Resident Awardees,
to contact Obaland academy, Eu agencies for
Obaland Royal Awards -Honorees 2018,.
pick up dates: 30 – June – 2018
Circolo Arci Torino – CSV Torino – Via Giolitti 21 – 10123 Torino.
Paola Ornello: paola.dondo@gmail.com

AFRICA resident Awardees,
To contact Obaland academy agencies
Abidjan,Mali,Nigeria,Kenya.Pick up dates:
May 11th 2018, October 1 2018
Location: Benin city, Samuel Ogbemudia National stadium.
Confirmation of pick up zone,must be sent by awardees (managements)
before 28th Feb 2018.

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